Hydro Fill

Unlock the power of the best level sensor you already own
Introducing Hydro Fill from Hydro AiD, using an innovative new method of using a pump power reading to detect and address the low water levels within our pools.
It does not matter if you prefer to think of your pool as a spa, a waterfall, a fountain or a pond, as long as it has a water circulation pump our solution will work for you.
We invite you to take a few minutes and contact us to learn how we were able to get rid of poolside sensors and achieve unprecedented reliability.

Hydro Fit

The first Consumer Leak Detection
For far too long pool owners have been left wondering whether they were experiencing abnormal water losses. A vast majority of late leak discoveries can be avoided with our leak detection in the cloud
We invite you to take a few minutes to learn how to avoid a costly repair bill and unnecessary spending on your water bill when a small leak is left alone to cause erosion and damage to your foundation
Introducing Hydro Fit from Hydro AiD,
a continuous leak detection service which is designed to take all of the guesswork out of maintaining a leak free pool

Hidden Dangers

Don't let leaks sink your capital
Water leaks can develop at any time. Whether leak is due to something as unavoidable as an earthquake or unexpected such as gasket failure, repairing it on time is a difference between a quick Return On your Investment or a costly mistake. Do not let the running water jack up your water bills and erode your foundations, trust Hydro AiD to help you get the service you can trust.
Hydro AiD is pleased to offer, for a limited time, a free certification to the pool repair professionals. Contact us Today to find out what it takes to get valuable business leads as soon as leak is detected and take all of the guess-work out of your bottom line.

Building together

Let us make your products better
Let us fill in where your products currently lack. If you are a pool equipment manufacturer a software license is all it will take to add an essential feature to your product.
An option for an exclusive license agreement is still available at this time, contact us today to avoid missing an opportunity of a lifetime.